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Getting energetically aligned with your vision and purpose with Ché Dyer

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When we are creating and running a business it is so important to be clear on our purpose and intention – the reason WHY we have chosen to do what we do! When we connect deeply to our purpose it is much easier for us to have a really clear vision and intention for where we want to go. With this clear vision it enables us to be energetically and more importantly emotionally aligned with what we are creating – which is where the real power of manifesting your dreams takes place! When we take action from an emotionally and energetically aligned state, the outcomes are amplified. So in this course I want to help you get clear, get emotionally aligned and take action to realise your potential.

What you'll learn

  • How to get clear on your purpose and your WHY
  • How to create a strong visual reminder of your intentions and goals
  • How to create emotional association with your goals
  • Getting action orientated with your goals with emotional alignment
  • Bedding this emotional association into the nervous system with meditation
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meet ché dyer

My mission is to give people the tools and inspiration they need to unlock their highest potential whilst living a more joyful and purposeful life. I help women thrive through developing a loving connection to their bodies and an ability to tune into and trust their hearts. I work through teaching yoga, meditation and creative practices to enable women to reignite their creative energy. 

I believe that the most empowering thing about entrepreneurship is that it allows you to be purposeful, intentional and abundant whilst creating boundaries and space for wellbeing – which encompasses the body, the mind and the soul.

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What hinders most people in their entrepreneurship journey is lack of focus, clarity and purpose – and we end up taking on too many things, or doing ALL the (inconsequential) things – none of which truly connect to serving our purpose – which leaves us feeling overwhelmed and overworked!

When we are acting from a place of serving our unique purpose in this world, we know exactly the steps and actions to take to bring us closer to those goals. This course will guide you to finding that purpose for yourself through some guided practices. Fine tuning exactly what YOUR unique purpose is and how you can best bring it forward to serve those around you, will be invaluable to you not only as an entrepreneur, but as a friend, partner, daughter, mother and woman too.

“The entire power of the Universe is within you, Ask all from yourself” - Rumi

Come and get clear on your PURPOSE and vision with me in this training.

Having a clear and defined purpose in what and more importantly WHY you are creating, will serve as your greatest anchor when things get challenging (which they will)! 

I’m here to support you with a focused, emotionally charged vision, a clear, purposeful intention and a healthy body to help you take the action you need! 

Ché x