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with Mel Judson

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Welcome to System and Automation for Success! This course is designed to take you from scattered to scalable inside your business so that you can stop heading towards burn out and start embodying the CEO role inside your business. 

Systems and automations are often the most overlooked aspects of a business. Once you are stuck in client delivery mode it can feel almost impossible to make time to research software, create templates and set up workflows. Not to mention it’s not nearly as glamorous as posting on Instagram or making new graphics in Canva. 

Here’s the truth: systems, strategies and automations are the key to freedom and success without stress inside of your business. 

I am so honored to be offering you this course inside of FEGA because this is the foundation you need upon which to build every other aspect of your business. Once you have this set up, the possibilities for you are limitless. 

I invite you to join me inside FEGA to learn exactly how to implement ALL the systems you need to slay in your sales + marketing WITHOUT the burnout. See you inside!

What you'll learn

  • ALL the systems you need to slay in your sales and marketing WITHOUT the burnout.
  • How to fully automate your sales and onboarding system so you can close more sales than ever before in less time.
  • The keys to creating and systematizing your methodology and client delivery by hiring team to support mundane tasks.
  • Exactly which softwares and apps to use (and which ones you don’t need) in order to properly streamline your business.
  • The one trick I use to cut down on almost 90% of back and forth email with clients.

meet Mel Judson

Mel Judson is the founder of a Creative Agency empowering high-achieving women to build powerful online businesses through Branding & Web Design and Business Mentorship. She guides women to be fully embodied in their branding & copywriting, and implement systems in their biz that are designed to support their feminine energy rather than deplete it.

A rare blend of strategy, tech and design expertise, Mel brings her experience in brand development from her 10-year career in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry. She worked behind the scenes to launch the most successful digital influencers in the world and developed key strategies for digital brands to build up tens of millions of engaged followers online.

In less than a year, Mel built her business to a half a million dollar run rate and has since expanded into mentoring other service-based women on how to do the same while maintaining the lifestyle of their dreams.

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The biggest MISTAKE entrepreneurs make is believing that they are NOT replicable. If we can’t replicate your process, you’re capped by your own time/energy.

It’s time for a serious upgrade that involves more SYSTEMS + more STRATEGIC action.

If you’re ready to stop being a solo-preneur and step into being a legitimate entrepreneur, I invite you to join me inside the FEGA membership and let’s dive in.

"It always seems impossible until it's done."

Mel x