Supercharge Receiving Your Desires

with Jaya Rose

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Welcome to Super Charge Receiving Your Desires! In this mini-course is designed to stretch your energetic limits, clear your resistance and turn you into a lightning rod for your desires. It is a powerful and repeatable framework that you do again and again to manifest your hearts desires. 

What you'll learn

  • How to own your desires
  • How to tap into your deepest WHY
  • How to get out of you own way once and for all
  • How to TRUST yourself and the Universe more
  • How to calibrate to your next level and receive your desires

meet Jaya Rose

Jaya is a possibility ignitor, speaker, coach, mama and wife. She helps ambitious sensitive women power up their intuition, claim their purpose & become a clear & potent channel, so they can bring their light to the world powerfully, in co-creation with Universal Laws. She believes that it’s not only an opportunity to share our gifts in the stand age, but a responsibility.

How it works

Using my 8 Phase Embody Method, I teach women all of the world how to re-claim their power. In my Embody Program we focus on creating new sustainable habits + practices that support us living in our highest self. We also use our energetic body and the Laws of the Universe to help support us in realizing our big dreams.

I teach my students how to trust deeply in themselves, their intuition and Universal Flow, so they can live their most fulfilled life in both service and abundance.

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Quick Story: I played small for sooo long, worrying that either I would be “too much” or that my dream would be too much for me to handle, as a highly sensitive. But it’s not true! I’ve been able to get out of my own way, create my dream business doing what I am obsessed with, using my intuition and soul strategy, only working when I want to, on what I want to. I firmly believe that the more free we feel as women to won our power and live our purpose, the bigger the ripple effect of positive change we can make! That’s what I’m here for.

It’s not only an opportunity to share your magic with the world, it’s a responsibility!

Jaya x