Soulful Branding

with Becca Luna

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I am so excited and honored to hold this space for you inside the FEGA members area while showing you practical ways to DIY a brand that will position you as an authority, connect with your dream clients and build the business of your dreams.
My mission is to serve women that are on the rise, and YOU my friend, are onto big ass things in the world!! Proud of you.

What you'll learn

  • Why you NEED branding that’s soulful
  • How to brand yourself for YOU
  • A DIY process that saves you time, energy and money

meet Becca Luna

Becca’s courageousness and heart-centered personality has fueled her success at such a young age. Building a six-figure Web Design & Brand Coaching Business by the age of 21, her mission now is serving female service-based entrepreneurs with show-stopping, soulful and high-converting Website Templates. Influencing nearly 20k free-spirited souls on Instagram, Becca helps women around the world create impact-driven personal brands.

How it works

Becca’s Soulful Branding approach is about creating a personal brand that is created with authenticity and connects to the heart of the clients you want to attract. It’s about sharing your message with clarity and being able to stand our powerfully as your true self in a way that your audience will remember and love. Becca is here to show you how to brand yourself with ease, grace and better still, a low budget!

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I believe the world can be changed by women creating businesses that ignite your passions and create sustainable financial abundance. I know the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey can be overwhelming, confusing and expensive. Those exact reasons are why I’m determined to give you the best resources out there so you can build a brand that will align with your soul purpose AND your dream clients, for a fraction of the cost. GEEDUM GIRL! 


Becca x