Rewire for Success

with Veronica Van Nierop

Bring you and your career to peak performance, mentally, emotionally and intellectually with neuroscience.

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We all have an interest in how we function, feel and act, and how to manage this to get what we want in life. In short, understanding ourselves, our world and how to best negotiate our way through life.

My passion is to deliver through coaching with neuroscience, easy and effective ways for you to change and leave behind unuseful history and beliefs, those old chestnuts that hold you back in your day to day life as well as your dreams.

While my coaching programmes add a level of clarity and contentment, for many they are transformational. By applying effective neuroscience techniques to my coaching, people are able to move from their survival reactions of Fight, Fright and Freeze, to a well-balanced Thriving state, which is their best personality and character.

What you'll learn

  • You will gain valuable insight into your unique Mind Body Patterns

  • Why you are easily run by emotions and beliefs that are no longer useful

  • Explore what stress really is and why we find it almost impossible to control

  • How to begin to regulate Stress at will and within minutes.

  • How your mind is designed to release stress permanently in stages.


meet Veronica Van Nierop

Hi there, I am a Success Coach working to bring you and your career to peak performance, mentally, emotionally and intellectually by Coaching with Applied Neuroscience. My background is Bachelor of Science, Master practitioner in NLP and Neuro-emotional Training, mentor and coach. I have worked as a practitioner, lecturer, business women and coach mentor. I am passionate about my clients becoming the happiest people they know across all areas of their lives.

How it works

I deliver my coaching process as a wonderful journey toward your goals, combined with Applied Neuroscience it becomes dynamic and truly impactful. You will notice your limitations shifting week to week as clarity, a high resilience to stress and emotional intelligence begin to emerge week after week.

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We spend our lives accumulating stress and it acts as white noise keeping us from our best life. I do what I do because I believe that women, who most often underpin the stability of human societies, all deserve to be able to Thrive and replenish in order to make a difference.

Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence through coaching with applied neuroscience does this and allows women to live the beauty of their strength, always.

We are all a work of art in progress…… Be the happiest person you know no matter what life delivers.

Veronica x