Our coaches are all experts and successful entrepreneurs who are here to help you create your greatest vision for your life and business

Our 3 course pillars


Cultivate a mindset that makes you powerful, confident and calm


Nourish your body and soul to feel and look healthy and connected


Build a strategy that is sustainable, achievable and profitable.


Be calm and confident

Doing the inner work is required to show up as your truest self and step fully into your leadership without overwhelm and anxiety.  Our coaches include life coaches, NLP practitioners, neuroscientists to help you overcome your fears and step bravely into your next level.


Be healthy and vibrant

The mind-body connection is undeniable and when you are feeling good on the inside your business will flourish on the outside.  Our coaches include nutritionists, fitness experts and spiritual teachers to help you stay energetic, calm and connected with your body and soul.


Be profitable and sustainable

With so many options and opinions available online, what to do next and how to make it happen can be daunting and confusing.  Our lineup of business consultants, social media experts, website gurus and successful entrepreneurs are here to take away the guess-work and give you clear and confident business strategy.

Are you an impact-driven coach and leader looking for collaboration and bigger opportunities?

We are looking for highly talented and transformational teachers to join our dream team of expert coaches.

If you are trained in wellness, mindset, spiritual teaching or business strategy you could become an affiliate member of the Female Entrepreneur Global Alliance and create huge global impact and opportunities for your business.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” - Oprah

You know that you are meant to lead.

You have innate power already inside of you that only you can access and when you allow yourself to be nurtured and supported you will find what you’ve been looking for…wild success, infinite possibility and true freedom.  Your time is now.