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So how Happy and Healthy are you?  Are you living your very best life? or is something out of balance that is effecting your quality of life?

I believe that Health and Happiness go together so I take a holistic view when I work with my clients. If you are unhealthy, it can cause a great deal of unhappiness (from weight issues, tiredness, lack of confidence and poor health). If you are unhappy, this can have a serious knock on your physical, mental and emotional health. 

When you are Happy and Healthy this is when we really can live our very best life and really THRIVE!

Through my own personal experienced and from working with others, I saw similar traits, similar patterns and common solutions. So I devised a 7 step approach which has become my signature plan to help people transform their lives in terms of health and happiness in a holistic way.

What you'll learn

  • You will have access to my ‘7 steps to Holistic Health and Happiness’ programme which includes coaching videos, workbooks, recipes and a meditation & mindfulness exercise’
  • You will understand how all aspects of your life are connected and impact each other and how to find balance 
  • You will learn how important it is to prioritise your own health and happiness and how this creates a ripple effect around you 
  • You will learn how small, sustainable changes done consistently really is key to lasting change 
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meet Ali Mortimer

After a spectacular burn-out in 2013 resulting from ignoring the signs of stress while working full-time with two small children, followed by two unexpected life-changing events in 2016, Ali was diagnosed with clinical depression, PTSD and insomnia as well as suffering from an eating disorder. She turned her life around by using the principles of lifestyle medicine, rather than prescriptive drugs, leaving her with an improved immunity, stronger mental health, resilience to knock backs and much more energy to juggle work, play, family and life!

Having a healthy lifestyle, based on holistic health, meant that Ali was able to recover fully – without medical intervention.

Following a 15 year career coaching and mentoring individuals and teams, Ali re-qualified as a Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, has a Qualified Level 4 in coaching and a certification in Meditation Tuition.

How it works

As a female entrepreneur, looking after and nurturing my business as well as a partner and my two children, I know how busy life can be. However, I have seen through experience that when I look after myself, I perform at a much higher level in life as I have more energy and enthusiasm to bring to my business. Not only that, but I seem to have more time (rather than less) and find that I am much calmer (rather than overwhelmed or stressed) and I am more present to enjoy all areas of my life. If you want to take your business to that next level then start by focusing on your own health, happiness and mindset; you will flourish, and your business success will then follow.

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I have worked with many successful female entrepreneurs who have worked through my signature 7 steps to holistic health and happiness and the transformations they see in their business and personal lives is truly outstanding. You too can look at all areas of your life and build strong foundations to your health and happiness that will be the springboard to your success.

'Happiness is the highest form of health' Dalai Lama

Ali x