veronica van nierop
mind mentor


About veronica van nierop

Hi there, I am a Success Coach working to bring you and your career to peak performance, mentally, emotionally and intellectually by Coaching with Applied Neuroscience. My background is Bachelor of Science, Master practitioner in NLP and Neuro-emotional Training, mentor and coach. I have worked as a practitioner, lecturer, business women and coach mentor. I am passionate about my clients becoming the happiest people they know across all areas of their lives. 

Unique Approach

I deliver my coaching process as a wonderful journey toward your goals, combined with Applied Neuroscience it becomes dynamic and truly impactful. You will notice your limitations shifting week to week as clarity, a high resilience to stress and emotional intelligence begin to emerge week after week. 

Rewire for Success

Bring you and your career to peak performance, mentally, emotionally and intellectually with neuroscience

Other fun facts

  • Seeing clients shift from survive to thrive excites me and is a core element of my purpose. 
  • I love working with real people who have great dreams that make their hearts sing, people like you. 
  • I, like everyone else, I am an ongoing ‘work of art in progress.’ That makes me perfectly human just like you. 
  • I am committed to your learning to fly as much as the soaring high! A journey taken together for me is an inspirational journey of JOY. 


I love journeying!

And your journey toward living the life you love is more exciting, fulfilling and easy with a friend and mentor.

A real and loving hand, who has trodden much of the pathway you are now treading and has the tools to break you through barriers with experience, insight, and a  high level of skill, expertise and laughter…..I look forward to seeing you inside for my Masterclasses ….Rewire for Success