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About Soph Kessner

Hi boo, Soph here– your biz + marketing bff on a mission to heal + empower babes just like you to scale multi 6 figure businesses through the power of breath, embodiment, and a dash of strategy. We’re breaking down the barriers of “woo” and “work” so you can create from a place of groundedness, certainty, and ease. Put down the hustle, let’s get to playin’ the way you’re supposed to be.  

Unique Approach

No strategy is going to work if you’re not fully embodying what you preach– but you already know this, don’t you? This is why I lace the power of breathwork as your core embodiment tool and combine proven POWERFUL organic social media marketing strategies so you can show up FULLY for your mission in this world without needing to spend hours on all the “mind” stories. 

Business and Marketing Embodiment

The secret ingredient for creating limitless potential in life and business.

Other fun facts

  • Festival Loving Dancing Queen  
  • Dr. Joe Despinza Meditation Junkie  
  • Mom To Be May 2020
  • Self proclaimed pleasure princess 


We’re so addicted to struggle + hustle especially in business

But what if entrepreneurship could be FUN and EASY?

It’s possible babe, let me show you the way. Xx Soph