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About Mel Judson

Mel Judson is the founder of a Creative Agency empowering high-achieving women to build powerful online businesses through Branding & Web Design and Business Mentorship. She guides women to be fully embodied in their branding & copywriting, and implement systems in their biz that are designed to support their feminine energy rather than deplete it.

A rare blend of strategy, tech and design expertise, Mel brings her experience in brand development from her 10-year career in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry. She worked behind the scenes to launch the most successful digital influencers in the world and developed key strategies for digital brands to build up tens of millions of engaged followers online.

In less than a year, Mel built her business to a half a million dollar run rate and has since expanded into mentoring other service-based women on how to do the same while maintaining the lifestyle of their dreams.

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Unique Approach

I believe in a systems and automation process that is fun and easy which means less time spent IN your business WHILE STILL GENERATING PROFIT. To scale your business we want to begin automating and systematizing your client delivery so you’re spending less time repeating your process. 

Then we fully automate your sales process + optimize it for highest conversions and dive into developing a bullet proof annual marketing plan with systems to help automate the process so you no longer spend time sending back and forth emails and manually doing work that a robot could do for you.

These systems are going to support you in streamlining your business so you can spend less time IN the biz and more time ON it like a REAL CEO. 

Systems & Automations for Success

Creating a juicy, aligned strategy to scale your business without the stress

Other Fun Facts

  • I’m a digital nomad which means I travel full-time. In the last 2 years I’ve been luck enough to visit 18 countries and counting…next stop Jordan!
  • I have a dumpling travel show with my partner where we try to make dumplings with local ingredients wherever we go – most recently we made bubble tea dumplings.
  • Before starting my business I made YouTube videos for a living.
  • I’m originally from Boston and everyone is surprised that I don’t have the accent.


It’s time for a serious upgrade that involves more SYSTEMS + more STRATEGIC action.

The biggest difference between the babes who fly and the babes who stay stuck trying to get by? Their willingness to SHOW UP, make decisions, take massive action, and execute on everything I'm teaching them.

You may have already experienced:The burn out, anxiety, caffeine addiction, stress, and constant need to be DOING something in the business.

It does NOT have to be that way. What got you to where you are today in your business, is NOT what’s going to get you to the next level. And I’m here to support you every step of the way.