Emma Forrester
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Emma Forrester

I’m Emma Forrester (Bond), an online business strategist and mentor and founder of the Female Entrepreneur Global Alliance. I am here to help women like you discover holistic success in your life. Living in peace, wellness and abundance whilst realising your greatest life desires and potential; mind, body and business. All whilst creating a ripple of positive change in the lives of others. Sound too good to be true? I used to think so too, so let me show you how.

Unique Approach

If you were building your dream home you wouldn’t just invite some builders in one day and tell them to throw some bricks and mortar around and hope for the best, and yet this is how I see many women trying to build their dream business.

I created Business Architecture, my signature methodology for building your business online to create more profit and freedom, doing what you love. It’s a framework for creating a dream business just like you should a dream home, strategic, structured and soulful.

With a clear set of foundations, strategies, tools and systems that make building an online business empire exciting and fulfilling, without anxiety and overwhelm.

Business Architecture

Grow your business online for more profit and freedom,doing what you love

Other fun facts

  • I am a qualified PT, nutritionist and coached myself to lose 40lb to get my sexy back!
  • I was a dancer in a previous life and love Latin music, always gets me in the groove.
  • I turned down a directorship in a marketing consultancy to become an entrepreneur and never looked back!
  • I’m actual only 8.75 years old, born February 29th, and oh such a typical dreamy, empathic Pisces
  • I am going to be a mama for the first time in May 2020!


Building a business is one of the greatest lessons in self-development.

It requires resilience, patience, trust and courage.

Trust in yourself and what you are here to do with the courage to just take the next step towards making it happen, even in the face of challenges and doubt. I believe that your dreams matter and with the right support and attitude anything is possible. I can’t wait to show you the way.