Ché Dyer
mind & body mentor

About Ché Dyer

My mission is to give people the tools and inspiration they need to unlock their highest potential whilst living a more joyful and purposeful life. I help women thrive through developing a loving connection to their bodies and an ability to tune into and trust their hearts. I work through teaching yoga, meditation and creative practices to enable women to reignittheir creative energy. 

I believe that the most empowering thing about entrepreneurship is that it allows you to be purposeful, intentional and abundant whilst creating boundaries and space for wellbeing – which encompasses the body, the mind and the soul. 

Unique Approach

In order to help women, unlock their potential I use a variety of tools and processes including creative rediscovery, introspective soul work, powerful meditations and physical movement to shift stagnant energy. For me this threetiered approach truly works for body, mind and soul to create powerful and impactful change for the women who work with me in person, on retreats, online and in my Voyage to the Soul programs. 

Unlock Your Potential

Create an emotionally charged vision, clear purposeful intention and healthy body to help you take the action you need!

Other Fun Facts

  • I love drawing quirky little cartoons and funny graphics which I share on my blog and instagram account! 
  • My husband and I lost all our professional wedding photos – so now we take our wedding kit around the world to “re-create” our wedding day. We get a lot of curious looks!
  • I used to be very sceptical of “woo-woo-energy-people”…. but now I really get it!
  • I’m NOT a morning person… but Im working on it. 


Come and get clear on your PURPOSE and vision with me in this training.

Having a clear and defined purpose in what and more importantly WHY you are creating, will serve as your greatest anchor when things get challenging (which they will)! 

Im here to support you with a focused, emotionally charged vision, a clear, purposeful intention and a healthy body to help you take the action you need! 

-Ché Dyer x