Ashley Enget
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About Ashley Enget

My mission is to help entrepreneurs build passive streams of income so they can make a great income, have more free time & stop trading dollars for hours. 

A lot of entrepreneurs start their business and end up working way more than they bargained for. But they can’t stop taking on clients because they need to make an income – and so they keep on working way too much and are headed for burnout. So what is the secret to having a business you love, time to enjoy your life while still making a lot of money? Passive Income.

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Unique Approach

To help entrepreneurs create a passive stream of income, there are 4 main steps:  

    • STEP 1: Identify a product you can successfully sell so you know what to actually dedicate your time with creating an irresistible offer. 
    • STEP 2: Create marketing system & platform so customers can purchase your product on autopilot.  
    • STEP 3: Drive highly targeted traffic to your offer so you can a large audience who values your product & expertise. 
    • STEP 4: Optimize your existing system so that you can make more income with the same product. 

Passive Income Blueprint

The secret to a four to five figure monthly passive income stream

other fun facts

  • I’ve lived on 4 different continents & travelled to over 40 countries. 
  • It took me 16 months to figure out how to create a passive income stream that consistently made me money while I slept. 
  • I almost sold my car and moved back in with my parents so I could give myself more time to build my business. 
  • Getting laid off from my corporate engineering job & thrown full time into my business was the scariest & most difficult time of my life. 


I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, alone & stressed because most people don’t “get” what you go through when you start your own business.

I totally get the struggles & hardships you are facing that no one else knows about.

I totally get having to suffer in silence because you don’t want people to feel bad for you, but you also desperately want to talk to someone who totally understands you & your situation.  

Keep the faith and know that it will all work out. You are meant to do this. You wouldn’t have had the desire to start your business & implement a passive income stream if you weren’t. Join me inside FEGA so we can tackle your business together.