Aligning Business with Your Intuition

with Lauren Dailey

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In this training, you will learn how to massively grow your coaching business by tapping into your intuition, the feminine art of receiving and practical business strategy to expand your energy + impact.

What you'll learn

  • How to tap into the art of feminine receiving
  • How to distinguish between ego and intuition
  • How to use your intuition to make important business decisions
  • Organic and aligned ways to capture more soulmate clients in your business
  • How to grow beyond your own reach by utilizing your community

meet Lauren Dailey

I am Lauren Dailey, an International Intuitive Business and Soul Coach who helps conscious coaches and creatives use the power of their mind, body, and spirit to achieve their full potential in life and business. It is my mission in this lifetime to help people ascend to their highest selves and accomplish their missions of service to others.

How it works

You’ll hear many business coaches telling you about their unique methodology about how they achieved success in their business and how they help clients achieve success using that same methodology… but what they fail to mention is that THEIR method might not work for YOU. Why? Because their personal soul’s journey to monetary and time freedom is different than your own.

There are things your soul has to learn before you can step into your highest self and desires in this lifetime. What if your method could be your INTUITION? I help my clients tap into their own individual desires unique to them and then provide tangible ways to bring those into fruition… Because I’ve learned that being true to your heart is the only way to achieve your highest destiny in this lifetime.

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I am Lauren Dailey, an International Intuitive Business and Soul Coach helping female entrepreneurs use the power of their mind, body and spirit to achieve their full potential. I fully believe that we all have an individual life purpose and reason for incarnation on this planet. It is my duty to guide you on this path to your highest self and create a tangible strategy to help you leave fulfill your destiny in life and business.

“Be fearless in the pursuit that sets your soul on fire.” - Jennifer Lee -

Lauren x