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Bring health, wealth, freedom and fulfilment to 1,000,000 of women and their families globally

welcome to the fega!

I’m Emma Forrester, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Global Alliance, business strategist and online entrepreneur and for the less formal stuff, I’m also a human dreamcatcher, personal development junkie, natural wellness cheerleader, travel and freedom seeker, wife and mummy-to-be!.

I am sure we have a lot in common.  Like you I started my entrepreneurial journey with high hopes, big ambition and an endearing innocence of the journey I was embarking on.  Little prepared me for the highs and lows, self-doubt, money worries, imposter syndrome and technology battles ahead!

Can you relate?  

Over the years I have survived failed launches, broken systems, embarrassing faux pas and more meltdowns than Beyonce’s had top singles!

But just like you, I am here in pursuit of my purpose and dreams; to create a loving secure home for my family, to travel to far-away places, meet inspirational people, live an abundant fun-filled life, create success beyond my imagination and do work I love that makes a difference to others.

Over 15 years as both an entrepreneur, business consultant and former marketing agency director, the one thing I discovered above all is that success in life and business is multi-dimensional and achieving your potential requires complete devotion to your professional and personal development – mind, body and soul.

So, I have sought out the best transformational coaches and brought them together under one roof to help you create a calm, confident mindset, a healthy, energetic body and a wildly profitable and successful business, with infinite possibilities for your future.

Plus, you will be making a massive impact in the lives of vulnerable women around the globe because we donate from your membership to support our charitable partners and help women who are victims of trauma to rebuild their lives.

Together, we can make a difference.

Emma x

Our 3 course pillars


Cultivate a mindset that makes you powerful, confident and calm


Nourish your body and soul to feel and look healthy and connected


Build a strategy that is sustainable, achievable and profitable.


Be calm and confident

Doing the inner work is required to show up as your truest self and step fully into your leadership without overwhelm and anxiety.  Our coaches include life coaches, NLP practitioners and neuroscientists to help you overcome your fears and step bravely into your next level.


Be Healthy and Vibrant

The mind-body connection is undeniable and when you are feeling good on the inside your business will flourish on the outside.  Our coaches include nutritionists, fitness experts and spiritual teachers to help you stay energetic, calm and connected with your body and soul.


Be profitable and sustainable

With so many options and opinions available online, what to do next and how to make it happen can be daunting and confusing.  Our line-up of business consultants, social media experts, website gurus and successful entrepreneurs are here to take away the guess-work and give you clear and confident business strategy.

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